BEST Managed IT Services

BEST Managed IT Services

Computer Troubleshooter's B.E.S.T. (Business Enhanced Support Technology) Managed IT services are designed to ensure maximum "uptime" of IT in your business.

Achieving a high level of uptime means increased productivity for your business or organisation. Many businesses suffer from time lost due to IT issues, staff frustration at slowness in the business's IT systems and the risk of potential disruption from a security breach or data loss (including the ongoing risk of ransomware).

Choose from our range of flexible options for a monthly managed services plan with Computer Troubleshooters. This allows you to choose the correct combination of services that is right for your business. Call now for a discussion of our Managed Service plans 07 850 5742 or 09 973 4912 or contact us using this link.

Our B.E.S.T. service plans are flexible and won't contract your business into long fixed terms. After your first 3 months on one of our B.E.S.T. plans you can decide to terminate with just one month's notice in advance. We've been doing this since 2005 and we believe that you will be thrilled with your service plan and will remain a long-time customer without forcing your business into a long term onerous contract unlike some of our competitors.

Trouble free:
This is our top plan and includes everything on the list below.

Internet connection monitoring 247/365
Server, Desktop, laptop monitoring 247/365
Firewall updates monthly or on a critical notification from the manufacturer
Advanced Managed Security software for all endpoints and servers
Advanced email filtering
Server, NAS, Desktop, Laptop and Microsoft Office 365 or Google Workplace backups
User rights management
Management of your Microsoft 365 or Google workplace accounts
Uncapped use of our Remote Support Service Desk (Business hours)
Uncapped use of our Deskside Service Team
Management of your CT supplied VOIP system
Printer management
Assistance with smart-phones to setup email etc.

Further benefits of Computer Troubleshooters B.E.S.T. Managed IT services:

Cost savings: Outsourcing your IT management to our managed service can save you money on hiring and training in-house IT staff, as well as the cost of purchasing and maintaining equipment.

Improved efficiency: Our managed IT services can help your business operate more efficiently by quickly troubleshooting and resolving issues, as well as proactively monitoring and maintaining your IT infrastructure to prevent problems from occurring.

Access to expertise: With CT's managed IT services, you'll have access to a team of professionals with a wide range of skills and expertise, allowing you to take advantage of the latest technology and best practices without having to invest in training or hiring additional staff.

Flexibility: Our B.E.S.T. Managed IT services offer flexibility in terms of the level of support you receive, allowing you to choose the services that best meet the needs of your business.

Scalability: Our Managed IT services can scale with your business as it grows, allowing you to easily add or remove services as needed.

Improved security: We use state-of-the-art tools and techniques to ensure that your IT infrastructure is secure and compliant with industry standards.

Overall, Computer troubleshooters Managed IT services can help your business save money, operate more efficiently, and take advantage of the latest technology and best practices, all while allowing you to focus on running your business.

BEST Managed IT Services 


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