Cyber Security | What is EDR MDR and XDR?

Sophos MDR Security Services Banner9 Oct 2022

Today, Cyber Security is all about reducing your business's cyber risk factors. In this blog article we go over some of the acronyms related to these next-level's of protection, and what may be best for your business.

EDR | Endpoint Detection and Response
EDR is the next level above what many may know as traditional reactive Antivirus or Antimalware protection on the business's servers, desktops, laptops and other devices. EDR varies in that it is highly predictive and is focused on identifying never seen before malware and advanced persistent threats. The EDR system's predictive data is pooled from hundreds of thousands of endpoints around the globe, threat intelligence, user events and artificial intelligence. EDR is essentially more proactive in nature than traditional anti malware solutions.
EDR nowadays is considered to be the minimum protection a business should use.

MDR | Managed Detection and Response
This term is used to describe the managed service that works in conjunction with your cyber security tools. MDR is great value for the organisation that does not have the in-house resources for threat hunting or expertise to continuously monitor the attack footprint of the organisation and or look after the alerts created by EDR.
MDR services ensure that you have cybersecurity experts available around the clock.

XDR | Extended Detection and Response
XDR is a more evolved level of MDR and looks holistically at the whole network(s) and cloud services used by the organisation. This service is more of the level that one would expect in enterprise or government.

What is the best solution for my business?
Q: Aside from Enterprise and Government level IT support teams with specialist Cyber Security staff, how can the Small to Medium sized business achieve Enterprise levels of Cyber Security?
A: EDR, MDR and XDR services are available from our regular cyber security partners. Below are just 3 examples of cyber security partners and links to their respective service offerings available via your Local Computer Troubleshooter's office.

Contact your local Computer Troubleshooter to take advantage of EDR, MDR or XDR and stay secure.

Sophos EDR
Sophos MDR
Sophos XDR

Eset EDR
Eset MDR
Eset XDR

BitDefender Gravity Zone EDR
BitDefender Gravity Zone MDR
BitDefender Gravity Zone XDR

Author's Note:
There are many other providers and options available (Too many to list here).