Remote Support Services


Benefits of Remote Support Technology

  • Quicker response times - Technical support can be provided very quickly. No more waiting around for the technician to drive to your location.
  • Minimised cost - No travel charges applicable and minimum charges are less than those for on-site visits.
  • Focus on your Business
  • Increased productivity due to less downtime.
  • Efficiency - As a general rule remote support can resolve about 85% of all IT issues.
  • Ability to support your users at almost any location - A recent example was support for a company executive onboard a cruise ship in the Pacific
  • Knowledge Sharing- Often the user by observing the support technician can see how the problem was cauised or fixed and reduce the incidence of it occuring again.

NB: This service does require that the device be actively connected to the internet and that several issues may still require onsite service.

Your Security:

All of our remote support technology uses military grade encryption for your safety. CT are well established in New Zealand (over 20 Years) and have a high degree of trust with their customers.

Be Aware - There are a lot of scammers about, mostly pretending to be from some large company like Spark or Microsoft. Typically they describe that you have a Virus, Windows Problem or an Internet problem. Most often their English is obviously not their native tounge.

The Golden Rule is - Never allow remote access to someone who called you.
Hang up and call us so that we can tell you it's a scam.